Paris to Mont Saint Michel - 3 Best Ways To Get There

Mont Saint Michel welcomes approximately 2.5 million visitors each year, making it one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Known for its stunning hilltop Abbey, the country’s iconic island stands just off the Normandy and Brittany coasts in northwest France. The distance from Paris to Mont Saint Michel is 225 miles and visitors have tons of options to reach the rocky island if you wish to explore the village and its top highlights! 

Paris to Mont Saint Michel - Getting There

Paris to Mont Saint Michel by car

By Car

Duration: 4 hours, 30 minutes 

Distance: 225 miles (362 Kilometres) 

Recommended if you are taking a day trip from Paris to Mont St Michel alone or wish to explore the island at your own pace. 

Paris to Mont Saint Michel by train

By Train

Duration: 4 hours 

Cost: Starting from 70 Euros 

Recommended if you going on a day trip from Paris to Mont St Michel on a limited time.

Paris to Mont Saint Michel by bus

By Bus

Duration: 4 hours, 50 minutes 

Cost: Starting from 18 Euros

Recommended if you are going on a day trip from Paris to Mont St Michel on a budget.

Cheapest Way to Travel From Paris to Mont Saint Michel

Travelling via bus from Paris to Mont Saint Michel is by far the most affordable option if you’re visiting the island on a budget. Book your tickets for the direct FlexiBus vehicle, which leaves in the morning. There are two rides offered each day, so you can pick a time based on your preference. The fastest route takes 4 hours, 50 minutes from the Paris Pont de Levallois bus station. You can also opt for the 5 hours, 35 minutes journey from the Bercy Seine bus station in Paris if time is not an issue. Rest assured, that you will reach the Mont-Saint-Michel bus stop either way. Bear in mind that transport schedules are subject to change based on each season. So, ensure to confirm all details before you book a day trip from Paris to Mont St Michel. 

Fastest Way to Travel From Paris to Mont Saint Michel

If you have limited time in hand to explore Paris city outskirts, then travelling via train would be your best bet! It takes approximately 4 hours to reach Mont Saint Michel from Paris, if you include transfers as well. It takes about 2 hours from Paris to Rennes and can be easily reached by opting for a TGV train. There are several time slots available so take your pick. Take a 40-minute train ride from the Rennes-Pontchaillou train station to the Pontorson-Mont-Saint-Michel station to reach your final destination. 

  • Train Services: TGV 

Driving from Paris to Mont Saint Michel

Depending on your speed and traffic, it will take approximately 4 hours, and 30 minutes to get from Paris to Mont Saint Michel. You cover a total of 362 kilometres. There are tolls on A13 Autoroute, which is the most direct route between both places. Car renting options are also available for non-EU residents if who will be staying in France for more than 21 days. 

Mont Saint Michel has large parking lots located a mile away from the abbey. You can take the free Passeur shuttles from the parking arena to the historic site. Shuttles depart from the parking lot next to the Tourist Information Center. There may be long queues to enter the parking area as you are required to pay at the ticket machine before moving your cars. 

Best Time to Travel From Paris to Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel
  • The best time to go on a day trip from Paris to Mont St Michel is between May and October if you wish to experience the island’s sunny weather conditions.
  • Alternatively, you can also visit from June through September, as Mont Saint Michel has less rain during this period. 
  • Summers, weekends and school holidays are mostly packed with tourists. So, if you wish to get away from the overcrowding, explore the village at sunrise or during the afternoon. You can also stroll around in the evening to cover some of the popular highlights at Mont Saint Michel.

Things To Do Inside Mont Saint Michel

Take a day trip from Paris to Mont St Michel to cover some of the top attractions, which has been inviting millions of tourists each year. Be it witnessing the iconic Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey, relaxing at Barrage sur le Couesnon dam for a spectacular view or walking through the main streets of La Grande Rue for a fairytale experience - Mont Saint Michel has a lot to unfold.

Find out more about the top highlights the UNESCO World Heritage site has in store. 

Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey

Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey

Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey is among France's most stunning sights. For centuries, it had been Europe's major pilgrimage destination and today this holy island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Eglise Saint Pierre

Eglise Saint Pierre

Step away from the crowd to witness a small, quaint chapel located halfway up the abbey for a divine experience.

La Chapelle-Saint-Aubert

La Chapelle-Saint-Aubert

If you're looking to explore more hidden and quieter places to visit, La Chapelle-Saint-Aubert is just the place for you. Low tides are the best time to visit with your family.


La Grande Rue

Instantly transport yourself to live in a french fairytale town as you visit the stunning streets of La Grande Rue.

Barrage sur le Couesnon

Barrage sur le Couesnon

Enjoy the view or have a fun picnic at Mont Saint Michel by visiting Barrage sur le Couesnon, a short stretch dam made of concrete and metal.

La Porte du Roy

La Porte du Roy

Take a moment to appreciate the simple yet beautiful built brick gateways as you make your way to Mont Saint Michel.

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