A Detailed Guide on Things to do in Mont Saint Michel

One of the most beautiful islets in all of France, Mont Saint Michel has a rich history and cultural heritage. This UNESCO World Heritage Site receives millions of visitors annually. Its sandy bay, majestic abbey, and quaint streets make for a charming visit and make it a must-visit destination in Normandy, France. Here is a list of things to do in Mont Saint Michel.

Things to Do in Mont Saint Michel

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Mont Saint Michel Bay
things to do in mont Saint Michel
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La Grande Rue Mont Saint-Michel
Mont Saint Michel Restaurants
what to do in mont saint michel

Barrage sur le Couesnon

It is odd to find a dam on the Mont-Saint-Michel hit list, but it is a rather stunning dam. It is a short stretch of concrete and metal that offers spectacular vistas and is a nice spot for a picnic. With some stair-chairs dividing the two tiers of the dam, it is good to get away from the hustle and bustle of the island and just relax with a sandwich, weather permitting.

La Porte du Roy mont saint michel

La Porte du Roy

Although this is just an entrance that you can not miss on your trip to Mont-Saint-Michel, it is worth pausing to admire it. La Porte du Roy is a magnificent arch-tunnel with a portcullis. Allow yourself to be transported when you walk through these gates, as the door is a synonym for the portal.

shopping at mont saint michel

Go Shopping

La Grande Rue is not just home to some of the best restaurants in the region but is also lined with shops and stores for visitors to check out. You can get a range of souvenirs from here or head to the other shops to see the regional specialities.

Mont Saint-Michel Hotels
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