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Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey: Skip The Line Tickets

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Discover Mont Saint Michel and its abbey, one of the first UNESCO World Heritage sites.

  • Built on a tiny island just off the coast between Normandy and Brittany, this monastery is impossible to miss
  • The Gothic-style abbey has a tall spire and is located on the already 92-meter high peak of a natural granite island
  • Take your own time to explore this wonder with your skip-the-line ticket
  • With your explanatory booklet, discover why in 708 the Mont Saint Michel became one of the largest medieval pilgrimage centres.
  • The booklet is available in 12 languages (French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese and Korean)
  • Anyone under the age of 18, and EU citizens up to the age of 25 can enter for free (carry a valid photo ID)
  • These tickets cannot be canceled, amended or rescheduled
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Full Day Mont Saint Michel Guided Tour

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Explore a site brimming with medieval culture, art, and architecture at every turn!

  • Set off on your journey by getting on an air-conditioned bus from Paris to Mont-Saint-Michel
  • Take in picturesque views of the French countryside along the way
  • As you reach the Mont-Saint-Michel, your guide will tell you more about the UNESCO-listed island
  • Reach Mont-Saint-Michel and treat yourself to lunch at a local restaurant
  • Tip: We recommend heading to a crêperie and feasting on galettes (buckwheat pancakes) paired with Normandy cider
  • Spend your afternoon exploring the beautiful Mont-Saint-Michel and its famous abbey
  • Constructed in Gothic style and dedicated to Saint Michael, the abbey has a cloister that is suspended between the sky and the sea
  • Amble along the cobbled city streets and take in breathtaking views of the bay
  • Shop for souvenirs or try rustic dishes at the small eateries before you catch the bus back to Paris
  • Ages 3-12yrs enjoy reduced pricing (carry a valid photo ID)
  • Get a full refund on canceling this ticket up to 72h before the schedule
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One of the most scenic sites in France, Mont Saint Michel is known for its rich historical and religious significance. Initially founded by an Irish hermit, it quickly became one of France’s most important island fortresses. The island remained safe during the Hundred Years’ War and was briefly turned into a prison by Louis XI. Upon the completion of the Abbey in 1523, it also gained religious importance, and today, it is one of the most-visited cultural sites in the country. Visitors are encouraged to explore this stunning island and soak in its natural beauty and captivating architecture.

Visiting Mont Saint Michel Post-COVID 19

Mont Saint Michel opened up to the public on May 11, 2020. It is now open with new rules and health measures in place to ensure the safety of visitors. You can now explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site safely.

Safety Regulations and Guidelines

  • As part of safety measures, Mont Saint Michel has lowered visitor capacity to reduce crowding. 
  • It is mandatory for those aged 11 and up to carry their own masks and keep them on at all times.
  • Social distancing is compulsory and hand sanitizing stations are available at most venues. For extra precaution, guests are encouraged to carry their own hand sanitizers. 
  • There is a single direction of traffic in place in the village to avoid crossing those who go up and down the hill.

Why Visit Mont Saint Michel

Often called the "Wonder of the West", Mont Saint Michel is a picturesque islet in France. While it is best known for its abbey, with its impressive Gothic architecture and rich history, it also offers a beautiful tidal spectacle when the tides rise high enough to make it inaccessible by land. Additionally, the unique experience of crossing the bay is what draws visitors from around the world.

Distance from Paris: The distance between Paris and Le Mont Saint Michel is 360 kilometers.
Best time to visit:
Between May to September.

Mont Saint Michel Tickets and Tours 2020

The iconic heritage site of Mont Saint Michel is an experience not to be missed when in France. This rocky islet is visited by three million people annually, who look forward to crossing the bay, exploring the abbey and its cloisters, and soaking in the scenic beauty. To experience the rich heritage, you can choose from four ticket options: Admission Tickets, Guided Tours, Day Trips from Paris, and Crossing of the Bay.

mont st michel abbey tickets
Admission Tickets

Your admission tickets give you skip-the-line access to the Mont St. Michel Abbey. Once you bypass the queue and enter, you can check your self-guided information booklet to discover the story of the Abbey and its importance. An alternative is to opt for tickets with an audioguide to give you information about the monument.

mont saint michel tickets
Guided Tour

To explore the islet in its entirety, take a guided tour of Mont Saint Michel. An expert guide will take you around and give you insight into the history, along with facts and trivia. Your tickets also get you entry into the abbey of Mont Saint Michel. You will also have an audioguide to get more knowledge about this Gothic marvel.

day trip from paris to mont saint michel
Day Trip from Paris

If you're in Paris, you can visit the islet as part of a day trip, where your transfers to and from the city are included.

A knowledgeable guide will take you around Mont Saint Michel and give you information and show you hidden gems. You will also get to visit the famous abbey and its cloisters.

mont saint michel crossing the bay
Crossing of the Bay

As part of this tour, you get to cross the bay between the mainland and Mont Saint Michel. The bay is home to an extraordinary number of species, and as part of this tour, you get to see the biodiversity up close.

It is advised that the crossing be done with a guide, as it can be dangerous to do by yourself.

Guided vs. Non-Guided Tours at Mont Saint Michel

Guided tours
  • You will be accompanied by an expert guide throughout your trip to Mont Saint Michel, right from pick up to drop off.
  • In a guided tour, you will usually be a part of a larger group, and get to meet people from across the world.
  • Your pick up, drop off, and transportation will be included in your tour.
  • Your tour has a set schedule with a fixed itinerary to ensure you can see as much as possible in a fixed timeframe.
Non-guided tours
  • You can explore Mont Saint Michel at your own pace, and pick and choose which sites and locations you want to explore.
  • A non-guided tour is not usually done as part of a group.
  • Transportation is not included in non-guided tours. You will have to arrange it on your own.
  • Non-guided tours are flexible - you can explore whichever part of Mont Saint Michel you want to at your own pace.

Explore Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel Abbey
Crossing the Bay
mont saint michel normandy

The tidal island of Mont Saint Michel was once just dry land before rising sea levels eroded and reshaped the land. Originally called Mont Tombe, it was renamed Mont Saint Michel in the eighth century when Bishop Aubert erected an oratory for Archangel Michael. 

The entire island was fortified so well in 1256 that it was able to fend off multiple sieges from the Kingdom of England during the Hundred Years’ War.

Located between Brittany and Normandy, the islet is a granite outcrop that rises above the bay. While it is surrounded by sandbanks, it also becomes an island when the high tide comes in, with a tidal range of up to 14 metres. 

While the abbey is the most famous attraction, the island also consists of many restaurants, museums, and chapels.

mont saint michel abbey

Made primarily in Gothic architecture style, the Mont Saint Michel abbey originated in 708 AD, when Bishop Aubert erected the first oratory on Mont Tombe in honor of the Archangel Michael. Over two centuries later, Benedectine monks settled there and helped establish the monastery. It soon became a major place of pilgrimage for Christians in the West. At one point, it had so many manuscripts stored within the venue that it was called the “City of Books”.

The abbey features different architectural styles, such as the stunning Merveille building, which was made in Norman Gothic style in the 13th century. As the years passed by, the abbey kept getting increasingly dilapidated. In 1874, when the Abbey was classified as a historical monument, restoration work began. Today, visitors come from all over the world to marvel at its resplendent beauty that remains the same to this day.

mont saint michel bay

While Mont Saint Michel is famous for its abbey and rich history, its surrounding bay is known for its impressive tidal range, which can go up to 14 metres during spring tides. It is possible to cross this bay on foot and explore this natural environment and its exceptional biodiversity.

You can cross the bay when the tide is low — you will get to walk across sand and water, and even experience quicksand! However, please note that it is strongly advised that you do not cross the bay by yourself.

This is because when walking on the bay, you are completely surrounded by the sea, and the tide can come in very fast, which can be dangerous. Thus, to experience this, you must do it in the company of an experienced guide.

what to do in mont st michel

When in Mont Saint Michel, here are some things you must do to enrich your experience:

  • Admire the gothic architecture of the Mont Saint Michel abbey and walk along its ramparts. 
  • Explore the quiet and pristine La Chapelle-Saint-Aubert.
  • Discover the rich history behind this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Try local cuisine at one of the many eateries dotted on La Grande Rue.
  • Visit the four informative and impressive museums of Mont-Saint-Michel.
  • Experience high tide and see Mont Saint Michel completely surrounded by the sea.

Plan Your Visit

Getting there
Best time to visit
mont saint michel timings
  • June 15 to August 31: 9:30 AM to 6 PM
  • September 1 to December 31: 9:30 AM to 6 PM
  • Last entry: 5:30 PM

Please note that Mont-Saint-Michel remains closed on 1 Jan, 1 May, and 25 Dec.

mont saint michel tickets
  • Train: You can take the train from Paris Montparnasse station to Villedieu-les-Poêles station, then a luxury coach to reach Mont-Saint-Michel in about 4 h 20. You can take a train from Paris’ Gare Montparnasse to Rennes. From here, Keolis buses go to Mont-Saint-Michel up to 4 times a day. You can also change trains at Rennes and head to the Pontorson-Mont St-Michel train station. Once you're at the edge of the mainland, you can either take a free shuttle or walk across the 900 m long causeway (Pont Passerelle) to the island.
  • Car: One can also drive from Paris to Mont Saint Michel on the A13 (Paris-Caen) and A84 (Caen-Rennes) highways. You will have to park at the dedicated car park on the mainland, and take a shuttle to the island, which will drop you about 450 m away from the island. The shuttles operate every day from 7:30 AM to midnight.
  • Guided tour: As part of a guided tour, your transportation from Paris to Mont Saint Michel is arranged in a private air-conditioned coach.
best time to visit mont saint michel

The best time to visit Mont Saint Michel is between May to September. This is when the weather is pleasant, and it is also the time when the spring tides are the strongest. When these tides occur, the sea level rises between 12-14 meters, briefly making Mont Saint Michel a proper island, as it is completely surrounded by the sea.

The best hour to visit is in the morning, when there are fewer people around and you can explore at your own leisure.

Mont Saint Michel: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ticket price for Mont Saint Michel?

Tickets for Mont Saint Michel start at €11. Please note that entry is free for EU citizens or permanent residents of France up to age 25. Those under 18 can visit for free, while those aged 18-25 get a discounted price of €8. Please ensure you carry a valid ID.

What are the best tours of Mont Saint Michel?

While slightly expensive, a guided tour of Mont Saint Michel is a great option for visitors. It ensures your transportation is taken care of for a hassle-free experience. Additionally, you will be accompanied by an expert guide who will give you insight into the history and answer all your question, thus enriching your experience.

Is audioguide included on Mont Saint Michel tours?

This depends on the sort of tour you pick. You can check in advance whether or not your tickets also give you access to audioguides.

Can I cancel my Mont Saint Michel tour tickets?

This, too, depends on the tour you pick. While some tours offer free cancellation, others have a strict policy where tickets cannot be cancelled, changed, or refunded. Please ensure you check the cancellation policy of your ticket prior to booking.

Should I buy Mont St. Michel tickets in advance?

Yes. While tickets can be purchased on site, it's best to purchase tickets in advance to ensure you can visit on the sate of your choice.

What is the best time to visit Mont Saint Michel?

The best time to visit is between May to September, when you can experience the spring tides in all its glory.

What are the best things to do at Mont Saint Michel?

When in Mont Saint Michel, you must experience the spring tides, walk on the cobbled streets around the island, and visit the marvellous abbey.